Rigol DP822(A) Programmable DC Power Supply, 2 Channel, 180W

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Benefits of the Rigol DP822 Series 2-Channel 180-W Power Supplies

  • 2-channel DC power supply, total power up to 180 W.
  • 1st channel 20 V/5 A, 2nd channel 5 V/16 A.
  • Model with monochrome or colour TFT. USB, LAN, RS232.

Rigol DP822(A) Programmable DC Power Supply, 2 Channel, 180 W

The Rigol DP822(A) are lowcost power supplies for professional applications with 2 channels. The devices provide a total power of up to 180  W. Can be controlled from a PC via USB, Ethernet, RS232, or optional GPIB.

  • 2 channels, 180 W.
  • Low ripple noise <350 µVRMS/2 mVpeak-peak.
  • Excellent linear and load regulation rate.
  • Fast transient response time: <50 µs.
  • Standard OVP/OCP/OTP* protection functions.
  • Standard timing functions.
  • Integrated voltage, current, and power measurement and waveform display.
  • Support output delay, analysis, monitoring, preset functions.
  • Independent control for each channel.
  • 3.5" (8.9 cm) colour TFT display. "Non-A" versions monochrome with4 selectable colours (orange, green, blue, white).
  • Connectivity: USB Host & Device.
    Standard for the models "A", optional for the other models: LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger In/Out.
    Optional USB-to-GPIB.

Model Overview

ModelChannelsPowerOutput specsOVP/OCPConnectivity, display
DP822A2180  WCH1: 0...20 V/0...5 A
CH2: 0...5 V/0...16 A,
CH1: 1 mV...22 V/1 mA...5.5 A
CH2: 1 mV...5.5 V/1 mA...16.8 A
USB host & device, LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger In/Out.
Colour TFT
DP822USB host & device, optional: LAN, RS232, digital-I/O/trigger In/Out.
Monochrome TFT

* * Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection.

Included: Power supply DP 822, power cable, USB cable, software/user manual via download.