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Keysight TrueVolt digital multimeters

Precision Multimeters

Hewlett-Packard was known for high-precision, indestructible multimeters. For good reason the HP 34401A was practically a standard among digital multimeters and is today considered a classic in this instrument category. The DMM success story continued in 1999 under the name Agilent. Since 2014, Agilent's Test & Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies. With the Trueform technology, Keysight's multimeters have been elevated to a new level of precision and functionality. But also the classic 3458A with its 8½ digit resolution - ideal e.g. for calibration laboratories - is part of the Keysight portfolio.

NEW: Keysight EDU Series Measurement Instruments

Signal generators, digital multimeters and power supplies with industry-grade technology and performance at an affordable price - ideal for education, internship labs, etc., and for industrial applications with very limited budgets. Ideally complemented by the InfiniiVision EDUX1000A/G and DSOX1000A/G series oscilloscopes.

Keysight Spectrum Analyzers

  • 4 models with bandwidths 9 kHz to 4, 7, 13.6, or 20 GHz.
  • Ideal for lab, EMC pre-compliance testing and more.
  • High resolution color graphical display, Ethernet/LAN and USB interface.

Customize with tracking generator, preamp, reflection measurement, EMI and other options.

New Loads, New SMUs

The Debugging Tool - The Keysight Oscilloscopes

  • Mixed-signal oscilloscope with touch screen.
  • Highend debugging features with high signal capture rate and the ability to combine triggers.
  • Versatile functions and optionen for professional applications.

All InfiniiVision models overview.

DAQ, Switching, Logging

  • Measurement, switching and DMM system with USB, Ethernet/LXI, NEW: GPIB.
  • Modular for customized solutions.
  • 4-channel digitizer (simultaneous, differential), 24 bit, 800 kS/s sampling.

Flexible with 3 slots and a choice of 8 module types. Up to 60 2-wire, or 120 1-wire channels. Up to 5000 readings/s.

Keysight World 2021

The Keysight Product lines at Meilhaus Electronic.

  • Wide selection of reliable, high quality datalogger DAQ systems/switching systems, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, digital multimeters, power supplies, SMUs, handhelds, thermal imagers and more.
  • For labs and industry, EMI pre-compliance tests, education and more.
  • GPIB interface technology and Windows software for PC control via USB, LXI, GPIB.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.

Keysight quality T&M instruments