Repair/Maintenance/Service, Commissioning and Operational Safety

Service, operational safety

Measuring instruments in this area are often subject to extreme requirements. Especially when it comes to mobile applications "in the field": They must be light enough to be held in one hand ("handheld") and at the same time robust enough to withstand a fall to the ground. They must be tolerant of climatic conditions such as major temperature differences, humidity, dust, etc. The displays should be easy to read even in poor light and at unfavorable viewing angles, the keys should often be operable even when wearing gloves, and the battery/rechargeable battery life should be as long as possible.

With the measuring instruments for operational safety such as insulation testers, earth measurements etc. the aspect of safety is the main focus. After all, the aim here is to test and ensure the reliable and safe operation of industrial or everyday devices. In most cases, testing is carried out in accordance with relevant safety standards (DIN VDE, IEC, EN).

Diagnostic equipment in the engine compartment of a car

For the car repair shop/automotive sector, special devices for diagnostics on all types of land vehicles are required, such as passenger cars, trucks, agricultural/industrial commercial vehicles, motorcycles/motorcycles etc. The topic covers both classic combustion engines and e-mobility.

The highlight of the Pico Automotive Scopes among others is the software. It is packed full of specialist automotive knowledge, making your work in practice much easier. Thanks to complete kits with a wide range of accessories, diagnostics on the vehicle is very convenient and flexible.

For the workshop, service laboratory or on-site use, Meilhaus Electronic offers a wide range of mobile handheld instruments, safety testers and oscilloscopes for automotive diagnostics, from the manufacturers EATON/Sefelec, Gossen Metrawatt, Keysight, PeakTech, Pico Automotive, Yokogawa, and others.

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