Rigol DSA832(E, -TG) Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz...3.2GHz

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Benefits of the Versatile All-round Spectrum Analyzer Rigol DSA832

  • Versatile frequency range 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz.
  • Innovative features at a moderate price.
  • Preamplifier standard!

Rigol DSA832(E, -TG) Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz...3.2 GHz

The Rigol series DSA832 spectrum analyzers cover a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz and can be used for a variety of applications in labs/on the benchtop, in the field, for RF and wireless testing and production as well as pre-compliance testing. The model DSA832E was designed as a replacement for the widespread Rigol DSA1000 series. The DSA832 series spectrum analyzers offer innovative power at an affordable price.

  • All-digital IF technology.
  • 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz frequency range.
  • Typical DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level, normalized to 1 Hz): -161 dBm.
  • Phase noise at 10 kHz Offset: -98 dBc/Hz.
  • Total amplitude uncertainty <0.8 dB.
  • Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) 10 Hz.
  • Tracking generator (models -TG).
  • Preamplifier standard.
  • Options:
    • Advanced measurement functions.
    • EMI filter & quasi-peak detector kit.
    • PC software.
    • RF TX/RX training kit.
    • RF accessories (cable, adaptor, attenuator, bridge...).
  • Ethernet/LAN (LXI), USB Host & Device, optional GPIB.
  • 8"/20.3 cm WVGA (800x480) display.
  • Compact size, light weight design.

Model Overview

ModelFrequency rangeRBW Resolution bandwidth (-3 dB)SSB phase noiseDANL (Displayed Average Noise Level, typ.)Pre-Amp. (PA)
DSA832(-TG*)9 kHz...3.2 GHz10 Hz...1 MHz,
in 1-3-10 sequence
<-98 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz carrier offset,
<-100 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz carrier offset,
PA aus:
9 kHz...100 kHz: <-110 dBm.
100 kHz...5 MHz: <-128 dBm.
5 MHz...3,2 GHz: <-134 dBm.
PA an:
100 kHz...5 MHz: <-145 dBm.
5 MHz...3,2 GHz: <-151 dBm.
Standard (from April 1st, 2017), 17 dB
DSA832E(-TG)9 kHz...3.2 GHz10 Hz...1 MHz,
in 1-3-10 sequence
<-90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz carrier offsetPA aus:
9 kHz...100 kHz: <-110 dBm.
100 kHz...5 MHz: <-125 dBm.
5 MHz...3,2 GHz: <-130 dBm.
PA an:
100 kHz...1 MHz: <-142 dBm.
1 MHz...5 MHz: <-143 dBm.
5 MHz...3,2 GHz: <-148 dBm
Standard (from April 1st, 2017), 10 dB

* Versions -TG with tracking generator installed.

Included: Spectrum analyzer DSA 832 or DSA 832-TG, power cable, quick start guide, software/user manual via free download.

Software: UltraSigma software, IVI driver, UltraSpectrum software

Features and More

Distinguish the two nearby signals clearly with the 10 Hz RBW (resolution bandwidth. Unique widescreen display, friendly interface and easy-to-use operations.


Measure lower than -130dBm signal with the standard Preamplifier.


Compare the spectrums when change the RBW settings with different color trace.


-80dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset phase noise.


Zero span to demodulate the AM signal.


EMI kit (EMI filter & quasi-peak & pass/fail).


Readout the spectrum peak values with the peak table function.


The GUI to control the RF demo kit (transmitter) directly.

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