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Power supply for your DUTe

Compact, reliable power supplies and loads are needed almost everywhere - whether on the laboratory bench, in service, in industrial test fields, long-term testing or in education. DUTs (devices under test) - no matter if cell phone, washing machines, television, lamps etc. - must be supplied with power in these applications. The reaction of the DUT to a long-/short-time supply with correct and incorrect values must be tested and analyzed. On the other hand, batteries/fuel cells, chargers/charging stations, generators, solar cells and other power sources have to be tested and characterized with defined consumers/loads (e.g. battery discharge curves, battery life time).

The testing of electronic components and semiconductors often requires relatively small but very precise power supplies combined with precise measurement - a special case for the SMU (source measure unit or source meter init, i.e. a combination of a 4-quadrant voltage/current source and a volt/ampere meter).

The required power supplies are as diverse as the test objects. From a few watts and small voltages/currents up to high kW power, DC or AC, pure sources or source/sink combinations, single and multi-channel units, or hybrid devices such as SMUs.

Meilhaus Electronic offers an extensive range of products from some of the most well-known, leading manufacturers of power products, including B+K Precision, erfi, ET System, GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt, ITECH, Keysight, PeakTech, Rigol, Siglent.

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