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Research and development

The development of new technologies requires increasingly complex measurement and test procedures. The requirements in the fields of new/renewable energies, (e-)mobility, high-speed data transmission, IoT and others are demanding and versatile.

Current trend: Multifunctionaldevices

Depending on the application, test and measurement technology has to be stationary or mobile, multifunctional, affordable, precise and reliable.

Devices that combine several functions are trend setters. For example, most modern oscilloscopes also include a spectrum analyzer function, a signal generator, a logic analyzer (mixed-signal/MSO) and various analysis procedures such as jitter, eye diagrams, or serial decoding.

Another classic hybrid device for example is the SMU (source measure unit). It combines a precision 4-quadrant source and a precision measurement instrument. It thus facilitates many tasks related to semiconductor inspection and characterization, testing of assemblies and wherever DUTs (devices under test) of any kind have to be supplied with current/voltage and measured very precisely.

Even the modern spectrum analyzer is multifunctional today and contains basic VNA (vector network analysis) and EMC functions, for example, pre-compliance tests (preparatory compliance tests) that are often important for the developer.

Multifunctionality saves space and costs. With brand products from well-known manufacturers such as Keysight, Pico Technology, Rigol or Siglent, but also interesting, young "newcomers", Meilhaus Electronic offers you an enormous range of devices and components. Here you will find valuable help in solving your debugging tasks, in EMC pre-compliance testing and measurements/tests of all kinds.

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